This was the belief that gave me the strength and guidance through my years of hardship during which I set up the company. Today, when I think of the past, its remembrance gives me pleasure. Al Tawfeek was founded in 1980 with a vision to become one of the leading companies in Bahrain which can cater to various services.

Although Al Tawfeek is now a prominent name in the market, we are yet to reach our highest potential. Times have changed to become more technologically advanced and so we are determined to keep up with the trend, especially, if that entails increasing efficiency, and quality of work. Success comes from knowing that there will always be room for improvement.The current market will keep fluctuating for the better or worse, however here in Al Tawfeek, consistency has proved to be our best asset. I have stood alongside my laborers for many years and respect the fact that they are the ones doing the work. I strictly believe that "If you treat your people well, then they will do well for you:' Each needs the other: capital cannot do without labour, nor labour without capital. I am forever thankful to the Almighty for giving me the opportunity to work in this great country. Even more than earning money, my biggest satisfaction after starting my company is the fact that I am able to provide work for many families and can watch them grow.

As Joseph Addison an English essayist, poet, playwright and politician said "what sunshine is to flowers, smiles are to humanity: when l look at the smiling faces of my employees I am delighted. Finally, If I had to impart a word of wisdom to the coming generation then I would like to say," Work like a coolie; live like a king!"

K.N Padmanabhan